LUPC and the majority of its members are contracting authorities under UK public procurement regulations. All of our framework agreements and contracts are compliant with the Public Contracts Regulations 2015.

Procurement Policy
Keep up-to-date with directives, regulations, policies and guidance relating to the procurement of supplies, services and works for the public sector by clicking here.

Procurement Policy Notes (PPNs)
The Cabinet Office publishes Procurement Policy Notes (PPNs) that provide guidance on best practice for public sector procurement.
All policy notes are available here.

Procurement Thresholds
The Procurement Thresholds Values (effective 1 January 2022) that apply for the purposes of the Public Contract Regulations 2015 can be found here. It includes the change to the methodology for estimating contract values to be inclusive of VAT for the purposes of applying the thresholds.

Transforming Public Procurement
The Cabinet Office’s Transforming Public Procurement programme aims to improve the way public procurement is regulated in order to:

  • Create a simpler and more flexible, commercial system that better meets our country’s needs while remaining compliant with our international obligations
  • Open up public procurement to new entrants such as small businesses and social enterprises so that they can compete for and win more public contracts
  • Embed transparency throughout the commercial lifecycle so that the spending of taxpayers’ money can be properly scrutinised.

You can keep up to date with information on the programme here; Transforming Public Procurement - GOV.UK (

Whilst new legislation isn’t expected until sometime in 2023 at the earliest (with a six-month notice period) we will be liaising regularly with members and suppliers to keep you informed.