Annual Review

Each year, LUPC produce an Annual Review which summarises developments and achievements of the year gone. The review is distributed across our membership and supplier base. In the review, you can take look at our latest income and expenditure figures, the very latest member benefits as well as new services that we have developed. Below you can view our very latest annual review as well as a number of back-dated editions.

Despite collaborative procurement spend through our competitive supply agreements being down from £251m in 2018-19 to £234m this year, the level of savings being achieved by our members has increased from £16.7m to £19m. Our return on investment (the ratio of savings to membership subscriptions) has also increased from 53:1 last year to 65:1, demonstrating continued value for money.


This report highlights category and responsible procurement activity, provides an overview of our 2019-20 financial position and a progress update on our corporate strategy, Adding Value through Responsible Procurement. I offer my thanks to the many members who have supported our projects by serving on our commodity groups, tender working parties, the Board or the Executive Committee; and for promoting LUPC across their institutions. In 2021, we will continue to strive to enhance value to our members through our agreements, events and networking opportunities.