The LUPC-led Mobile Phones - Ethically Sourced Agreement via Your Co-op Mobile, has now been updated on HE Contracts to include the new Fairphone 5 alongside the current series 4.

The agreement, which is also available to staff and students, provides an 8% reduction on the normal business price. This has been negotiated for all purchases up to 100 units and includes free delivery.

Why choose Fairphone?

  • The Fairphone 4 & 5 both have all the features you would expect from a high-quality Android handset and built with world-leading ethics for technology.
  • The Fairphone 4 has a super-sharp 48MP dual camera system and the Fairphone 5 has a premium 50MP dual camera for ever reliable shots.
  • The Fairphone 4 & 5 are designed to last longer than any other smartphone, proving to consumers and the tech industry that sustainability and long-life electronics is possible and desirable.
  • The Fairphone’s modular design means you can affordably and individually replace all the parts using just a screwdriver at home. Helping the planet and your pocket.
  • Every Fairphone comes with an industry leading 5-year warranty as standard and the Fairphone 5 comes with an extended 8 years of software support.
  • Fairphone work with suppliers closely to only use conflict-free and responsibly sourced materials that may also be recycled. This extends to Fairtrade gold, a first by any company in the smartphone industry.
  • The creators of the Fairphone work under some of the very highest safety and well-being standards in the technology industry, with fair living wage pay, representation, fair conditions and no child labour.
  • Fairphone 4 and 5 are 100% e-waste neutral as for every Fairphone sold anywhere in the world, they recycle another mobile.
  • Ethical Consumer awarded the Fairphone 4 with its best buy certification & the Fairphone 5 has been rated 5 stars by the Guardian reviews.

Fairphone has earned its reputation as the most ethical and sustainable smartphone on the market, whilst also being powerfully performing Androids without compromise.