We have extended the deadline for full members to send through their non-pay spend data from their accounts system for 2022-23, to 31 October 2023.

Using the spend data provided to LUPC enables us to report to members on their procurement activity for the past year and also give them information which will help them to plan ahead.

The Government has targets for Net Zero carbon emissions by 2050.  If member organisation have similar ambitions, or if they’re already proceeding towards such a goal, the first step in this journey is to calculate current emissions.  LUPC’s Scope 3 reporting helps with this by calculating member organisations' annual procurement-based emissions using their spend data.  Full members are requested to send us their non-pay spend data from their accounts system for 2022-23, using this template, to and they will gain access to a suite of reports both through the Contract Uptake website and via email including:

  • Scope 3 Report
  • Opportunities Report
  • Spend Analysis Report
  • Benefits Report

Action required by full members
To take advantage of the in-depth reporting and access to the Contract Uptake website, please send non-pay spend data in this template to by 31 October 2023.  We recommend including any spend over £1000 and completing as many fields as you are able in the template, filling out either the green tabs or the blue tab.  Please note that the Supplier Key field is mandatory, and data cannot be processed for any submissions after the end of October.

We highly recommend members take advantage of this additional member benefit and submit their data to gain access to all these free reports. 

If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Kai Osborne, our Data Analyst.