Welcome to our new Brexit 2020/21 dedicated page

On this page you will find regular updates, links to information, training and guidance available to you to support your work through the transition period.  Should you have any questions or need something specific, please contact us

Update 29th September 2020 - Brexit Risks to supply as perceived by Framework providers

The UK Universities purchasing consortia, is working collaboratively as before, to approach framework suppliers and understand the perceived risks associated with Brexit.  We will once again summarise these in a useful spreadsheet for you.  A spreadsheet detailing all responses we had received as of March 19, available on request, will be updated now with the detail suppliers provide on a range of questions and the new document shared again with you by the end of October.  

Update 29th September 2020 - Suggested questions you can ask your suppliers.

As above, the UKUPC are approaching framework suppliers to understand the risks they perceive are associated with Brexit.  We thought it would also be useful to share the questions we are asking as you may wish to ask them of your local contracted suppliers. 

Update 25th September 2020 - CIPS dedicated Brexit Pages

Did you know CIPS have dedicated Brexit pages featuring articles on a wide range of considerations and possible impacts?  Details are on their website.

Update 23rd September 2020 - Government guidance Reasonable Worst Case Scenario

The Government today published its new document "Reasonable Worst Case Scenario for borders at the end of the transition period on 31 December 2020" The document highlights anticipated delays, considerations and timescales and will be useful for anyone responsible for imports and exports.