Mike Kilner

Senior Category Manager

Mike manages ICT, Insurance, AV and Broadcast & Photographic Equipment at LUPC. Mike also served on the Board of Trustees at Electronics Watch 2015-2022

Mike Kilner, Senior Category Manager m.kilner@lupc.ac.uk 07932 347 182

Mike was born during the late 60s in South Australia and, in a decision that he has never quite forgiven his parents for, moved to the UK in the early 70s and settled near Carlisle in Cumbria.

After graduating in Geography from Coventry University, he worked as an assistant IT buyer for Hertfordshire County Supplies where he completed his CIPS qualification before taking up the role of senior IT buyer for a leading PC and Notebook system-builder in 1996. The experience there stood him in good stead as he progressed to a position as a procurement manager in international break-fix company Fujitsu ICL in the late 90s before coming back full circle into the public sector when joining LUPC in 2001.