Amariah (Ami) Nair

Procurement Administrator (Apprentice)

Ami joined LUPC, as a Procurement Administrator in January 2024. She is one of two apprentices, in LUPC’s first apprenticeship scheme. She aims to expand her Procurement career, over the course of the next few years, gaining experience and helping our members.

Ami was awarded 3 A-levels before completing a year of study at the University of Nottingham, where she gained many of the skills required to fill this position. She has worked in other occupations, including hospitality, however, aspires to develop and grow in the field of Procurement.

She is particularly proud of her completion of the DofE awards (both bronze and silver).

Her interests include travel (specifically, Japan and Cyprus). She enjoys a variety of cuisines and hopes to try a national food from every country. Ami likes to cook and is also quite creative; she loves anything from writing to drawing or designing. She delves into series in her free time (Suits and Grey’s Anatomy being favourites) and loves spending time either at Church or with her family.