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Welcome to London Universities Purchasing Consortium

London Universities Purchasing Consortium (LUPC) is a not-for-profit professional buying organisation, owned by its Members, for its Members.

LUPC exists to generate savings and better value for our Members through the collaborative procurement of goods and services.

Owned by our Members, for our Members

Established in 1968, LUPC is a not-for-profit professional buying organisation. LUPC’s core membership is made up of universities and colleges of higher education in and around the capital, as well as national organisations from the wider not-for-profit sector.

Welcome to our Members' area 

Our secure Members' area hosts information about our governance, commodity updates and specially negotiated deals with third party suppliers.

We have a relationship with more than 500 approved suppliers 

Approved suppliers to our agreements are selected following a full EU tender process. To find out more about opportunities to bid, and how to make the most of your position once on an agreement, please follow the links.

A wide range of resources are available

Resources, guidance and training are available here to support Members in their work. In addition, the LUPC team are always happy to help with specific queries.

We work collaboratively to drive value for money and improve services

From framework agreements led and managed in partnership with our Members, to nationwide procurement projects, LUPC is at the heart of the sector's collaborative efforts.

Our latest news and events

Keep up-to-date with developments across LUPC and the wider sector.

For more information please get in touch

Tel: 020 7307 2760

Email: enquiries@lupc.ac.uk


Our Agreements

Estates & Facilities
Air Filters EFM 3041 NWAudio Visual Consumables AVI012 NW Audio Visual Products & Services - AV6002 HWCleaning & Security - JAN5024 LUCleaning Chemicals and Janitorial Supplies JAN3028 NW Electrical Materials & Associated Products EFM3045 NWElectronic Components, Tools & Fixings, Test & Measurement and Batteries (NUWPEC) MAI0331 NW Engineering & Design Consumables and Storage & Material Handling Products LAB4020 SUEstates Maintenance - EFM5003 LUFurniture FFE2001 NE Supply and installation of Office, Catering, Residential, Bespoke Teaching Space, and IT security furnitureJanitorial and Cleaning Supplies JAN4021 SUMechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery (MVHR) and Heat Recovery Room Ventilation (HRRV) EFM3037 NW Office Furniture FFE4022 SUPest Control Services Agreement BA-EFM005Photographic Equipment and Consumables AVI3013 NW Plumbing, Ceramics, Heating & Ventilation Equipment & Supplies EFM3014 NW Portable Appliance & Fixed Wire Testing (PAT & FWT) EFM3057PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), Clothing and First Aid Kits (Supply of) BO-JAN014 CPCRemovals, relocations, and Associated services FFE2002 NESigns & Signage EFM2006 NESmoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectorsSoft Furnishings JAN3043 NWSports, Fitness & Gym Equipment - EFM3093 CPC Sustainable Waste Management Services Lot 1-4 (Greater London) - EFM 5017 LU Sustainable Waste Management Services Lot 5 (National) - EFM 5017 LUTool Hire EFM3015 NW Washroom Services (formerly Sanitary Disposal and Related Products and Services) JAN3016 NW White Goods and Associated Electrical Appliances JAN3018 NW
Apple Computer Equipment - ITS001-HWBA-SYS002 HR and Payroll SystemsComputer Software Chest AgreementsDesktops and Notebooks (NDNA) - ITS5014 LUFinance SystemsIT - Computer Recycling and Disposal Services (WEEE) - ITS5005 LUIT Related Accessories & Parts (ITRAP)JANET (UK) Data Centre and Cloud Services - BA-ITS033Janet 3G - BO-TEL008Multifunctional devices and services, managed print service and print audit services RM1599NATIONAL EDUCATION PRINTERS AGREEMENT (NEPA) BA-ITS018National Server & Storage Agreement (NSSA) - BO-ITS027Networking - Supply & Services ITS2001 NERetirement of Obsolete IT Equipment ITS3038 NW Routing & Switching Equipment - Lot 01 Alcatel - BO-ITS031Routing & Switching Equipment - Lot 02 Avaya - BO-ITS031Routing & Switching Equipment - Lot 03 Brocade - BO-ITS031Routing & Switching Equipment - Lot 04 Ciena - BO-ITS031Routing & Switching Equipment - Lot 05 Cisco - BO-ITS031Routing & Switching Equipment - Lot 06 Extreme - BO-ITS031Routing & Switching Equipment - Lot 07 Force10 - BO-ITS031Routing & Switching Equipment - Lot 08 HP - BO-ITS031Routing & Switching Equipment - Lot 09 Huawei - BO-ITS031Routing & Switching Equipment - Lot 10 Juniper - BO-ITS031Routing & Switching Equipment - Lot 11 Other - BO-ITS031Routing & Switching Equipment - Lot 12 Consultancy - BO-ITS031Shared Datacentre (Jisc/Janet) - ITS5031 LUSoftware Licence Resellers - ITS4001-SUThe supply, installation and maintenance of Data Centre Management Equipment Including Consultancy Transmission Services & Infrastructure (Janet) - ITS5020 LU


Membership of LUPC

Membership of LUPC is open to universities and colleges in and around the capital, as well as other national not-for-profit, public and third-sector organisations from our neighbouring sectors in the arts, sciences and education.

Through our collaborative framework agreements – all of which are compliant with EU public procurement regulations – our Members purchase a wide range of products and services, from IT, library and laboratory equipment to temporary workers and business travel – see our full list of agreements on the left.

Latest News

New agreement: Travel Management Services
May 19, 2015
Southern Universities Purchasing Consortium (SUPC) has awarded a new collaborative agreement for travel management services, open to LUPC members.
New procurement guide for governors
May 08, 2015
The Leadership Foundation of Higher Education has published a new procurement guide for governors at HEIs.

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