Case Studies and Articles : Responsible Procurement

LUPC supports members' collaborative procurement in a number of ways including ensuring that responsible procurement is embedded throughout the procurement process. Below are a number of case studies and articles which showcase responsible procurement activities carried out by LUPC within the supply chain.

Following on from a Channel 4 investigation that revealed significant human rights abuses in the supply chain for the production of personal protective equipment (PPE), LUPC approached PPE framework suppliers to confirm the processes they use to mitigate abuse.  

This article provides details on the action taken by LUPC and framework suppliers’ responses, demonstrating their joint commitment to responsible procurement in PPE supply chains.


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Textiles is one of the areas LUPC has examined recently, focusing particularly on graduation gowns. They are generally produced in factories in China, Bangladesh, India, Vietnam, Cambodia and Turkey. Risks to human rights include modern slavery, child labour, exposure to chemicals and harmful working conditions. This case study shows how we question our suppliers.



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LUPC carried out a social audit of a Shield Scientific sub-contracted glove manufacturer, located in Malaysia, to check the working conditions of migrant workers.

This project is part of LUPC’s focus to be the leader in responsible procurement by promoting ethical standards across supply chains collaboratively with suppliers.


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