LUPC understands the importance of working in partnership with our members, suppliers and other consortia to ensure sustainable and responsibly considered procurement is embedded across all aspects of the procurement process.

Developed in consultation with our Board, Executive Committee, and Heads of Procurement from our membership, LUPC’s Responsible Procurement Strategic Plan and Environmental Policy have been designed to support members in achieving their Responsible Procurement aims and to enhance LUPC’s position as a leader in Responsible Procurement.

A key commitment in our 2022 Environmental Policy is a commitment to be a net zero company by the end of 2022/2023. To enable this, we have created an LUPC Carbon Emissions Report 2020-21 as a preliminary exercise to finalise the methodologies and calculations required from the 2021-22 academic year onwards. The next report covering 2021-22 will set the baseline from which we can measure our progress and calculate our offsetting requirements.

We work in partnership with organisations like the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, Electronics Watch, Business, Human Rights and Environment Research Group (BHRE) and The International Learning Lab on Public Procurement and Human Rights to ensure we fully understand all aspects of sustainability, the circular economy model and ethical practices. 

Additionally, LUPC is an integral member of the UKUPC Responsible Procurement Network, which reviews and promotes good responsible procurement practice across our combined membership, aiding our members to best practice within procurement operations. LUPC also sits on the national HEPA Responsible Procurement Group.

We have also adopted and fully support the national Sustain Code of Conduct which is now included in all our tendering activity.

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