Tips for creating a low-risk educational setting

One of LUPC's suppliers, Banner, has issued guidance on establishing a low-risk educational setting. This includes preparing your building, equiping your staff and students and controlling site access. It also suggests useful supplies to help with these processes.

As a first step for preventing the risk of virus transfer within an organisation, Banner suggests a mounted or handheld thermal imaging camera in reception areas. "Simply by scanning everyone on arrival, from a two-metre distance, these can instantly detect raised body temperature and could play a vital role in preventing the Covid:19 virus from entering your building."

Banner also recommends compiling a list of spaces where the risk of transmitting Covid-19 may be higher, and of times of day when employees would usually be in close contact. "This will help you understand where physical distancing measures are needed, how many employees can safely be accommodated at any one time, and any need for staggered arrival, departure and break times."

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