Responsible Procurement resources

Driving awareness and improvement in responsible procurement for our members and the wider community benefit is a key part of what LUPC does and we offer the following:

  • Dedicated sections on responsible procurement on the LUPC website, updated regularly with resources, toolkits, guidance and case studies.
  • Support writing your Modern Slavery Statement
  • Access to Electronics Watch guidance and resources on responsible procurement
  • The Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Tender and Call-Off questions, produced in collaboration with NEUPC, NWUPC and SUPC and allows suppliers to report on what they have achieved and what they are committing to do in the future.
  • A free e-learning module on protecting human rights in the supply chains, which developed in collaboration with APUC and the BHRE, especially for public procurement practitioners.
  • The Responsible Procurement Assessment Tool (RPAT), created by LUPC and SUPC is a document to assist category managers at the pre-tender stage to assess risks and potential benefits of the framework or contract. This tool covers environmental, economic and social positive and negative impacts of the tender.
  • Topical events, such the joint LUPC & SUPC Responsible Procurement Group quarterly meeting, showcasing responsible procurement activity being undertaken across LUPC's and SUPC's combined memberships.    
  • Dedicated experts on responsible procurement- Marisol Bernal and Martina Trusgnach.  Marisol has carried out work placements at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) and the Natural History Museum (NHM), helping both with responsible procurement.  You can read her blog from her time at the NHM here where she shares her top tips.  If you would like any support with your responsible procurement practices in a similar way, please contact Marisol.  Martina has recently joined the LUPC team as a PhD student and will be supporting our responsible procurement work.