Removals and Relocations Services framework agreement

LUPC members can now access the re-tendered Removals and Relocations Framework. The agreement covers a wider range of commercial removals and relocations, including specialist moving services. The Framework went live on 22nd February and will run for four years to February 2025. In contrast to the previous framework where the lots were defined by specialism, in this new iteration, the lotting has been grouped by contract size and region to attract a more varied range of suppliers.

• Lot 1: Small Contracts (Regional)– 13 regions across England, Wales and Northern Ireland

• Lot 2: Large Contracts (National)

Members are free to determine which lot (and geographical region) is best suited to their project with “small” and “large” being member defined. In Lot 1, members have the unreserved right to call-off from the region that best suits them geographically, noting that some members may choose to issue call offs to multiple regions at once. We also took into consideration the need to move quickly on some projects, so Lot 1 also includes a schedule of rates, enabling members to appoint on a cost-only basis for time-pressured projects, and the suppliers are primed to support this.

Suppliers to the framework include some new companies who were not on the previous framework, with all appointed suppliers providing excellent bids. You can find details of the suppliers appointed here.  Please contact Joyce Kadri if you need more information.