Members can now access the Taxi Services including Hybrid and Executive Cars Framework Agreement.

There are two lots in this agreement;

Lot1 - Black Cabs and Executive Vehicles Service

Lot2 - Hybrid Vehicles, (include other environmentally friendly vehicles)

The agreement went live on  05 August 2019 and will run until 04 August 2021, with the possibility of two one-year extensions. This agreement also covers all major UK railway stations and UK Airports.

We are pleased to announce the following as awarded suppliers on the agreement:

  • Brunel Carriage Ltd.
  • CityFleet Networks Limited
  • Greater London Hire t/a GLH
  • One Transport Limited t/a Gett Business Solutions.

This agreement is available to all members of LUPC.

For more information on this agreement, please visit HE Contracts or contact Joyce Kadri T. 020 7307 2763