New Member: Porton Biopharma

LUPC is pleased to welcome Porton Biopharma, a new full Member to the Consortium.

Porton Biopharma Ltd is a limited liability company, established in 2015, to commercialise the pharmaceutical development and manufacturing capabilities at the Porton Down site in Wiltshire that were previously within Public Health England. As an incorporated company wholly owned by UK Secretary of State for Health & Social Care, any dividend each year is paid to its single shareholder, the UK Government.

Its mission is to protect patients’ health through the quality-assured development and production of biopharmaceuticals.  Porton Biopharma develop new vaccines, therapeutic proteins and enzyme products, and also manufacture their own licensed biopharmaceutical products, Erwinase® and the UK’s Anthrax Vaccine.

They offer specialist expertise in the development of both manufacturing and analytical processes for use with biological pharmaceutical products and also undertake contract manufacture at all stages of the product development and commercialisation life-cycle.

Welcome to the Consortium!