New Framework - Office, Computer & Library Supplies

NWUPC’s new Office, Computer and Library Supplies Framework (OFF3068 NW) went live on 01/08/19 and is available to LUPC members.

The new framework consists of the following lots and suppliers;

Lot 1 – Office supplies

  • Banner Group Ltd
  • Lyreco UK Limited
  • Office Depot UK Limited
  • Staples UK Ltd

Lot 2 – Computer Supplies

  • ACD Business Supplies Ltd
  • Commercial Ltd
  • OfficeXpress Ltd
  • XMA Ltd

Lot 3 – Library Supplies

  • Gresswell (Demco Europe Ltd)

For more information please see HE Contracts or contact Darran Whately, Senior Contracts Manager T. 020 7307 2764