NEW FRAMEWORK: Occupational Health and Wellbeing for Students and Staff

A new national Occupational Health and Wellbeing for Students and Staff Framework reference:

PFB5052LU has been made live as of 22nd May 2019. This is a  two year framework with the option to extend for a further 2 x 1 years. Full details are available on HE Contracts and can be accessed here.


The Framework has been divided into 3 Lots

Lot 1: Staff and Student Occupational Health Services in Greater London

Provision of OHS services (core, non-core and specialist non-core) to Member institutions that require a service within Greater London.

Lot 2: Staff and Student Occupational Health Services National

  •         - Provision of OHS services on a national basis, whereby the awarded supplier is expected to provide their services either on-site or off-site. The services for this lot are the same as those of Lot 1.

            Lot 3: Staff and Student Wellbeing Services National

            - Provision of services such as, support/advice/wellbeing and chat services, disability support, legal advice.  This range of services provided by suppliers via online portal and/or mobile device applications.

         The intention of the framework is to provide Occupation Health and Wellbeing Services that meet legislative requirements whilst maintaining duty of care to staff and students. It also aims to help Member Institutions to identify trends and assist members in prioritising and tackling significanhealth and Wellbeing-related issues. The Framework Agreement seeks to achieve the following objectives:


• New national collaborative Framework to be established, enabling a uniform process for contract awards and establishing a consistent measure of VFM across members

• A refreshed, London and national Lot structure

• As full a list of potential services as possible, with Members choosing those that are applicable to them

• Savings and improved terms achieved through aggregation of competition (not necessarily spend) and collaborative procurement

• Appropriate contractual, minimum service quality levels and other safeguards put in place to ensure high quality services

• Collaborative approach enables Members to more efficiently/effectively manage and develop the service

• On an individual basis contracts can be complex, use of the framework allows for a simpler model to encourage best value through competition ensure the delivery of specialist Occupational Health

• Wellbeing is an extension of traditional Employee Assistance Programmes. The HE sector with its duty to student mental health have needed a framework to offer online, telephone and in some cases mobile applications to give students and staff more support.


              A free framework launch event for Members will be taking place on Tuesday 2nd July 9am to 1pm at Student Central, Malet Street, London WC1E 7HY. The event will provide you with an overview of the framework, give you an opportunity to meet with framework suppliers and attend seminars on the latest hot topics for Occupational Health and Wellbeing. Lunch is also provided. To book your place click here

              For further information please contact Cristian Martin