NEW AGREEMENT: Debt Recovery Services

LUPC’s new Debt Recovery Services Framework went live on 22nd October 2018.

The new framework has two lots with ten suppliers in total:

  • Lot 1 - Pre-Legal Collections
  • Lot 2 – Legal Recoveries and one stop shop

The debt recoveries process has changed as a result of the pre-action protocols that first launched in October 2017. With that in mind, members may find that their incumbent arrangement is in need of a new specification and could be lacking best value pricing.

The framework has been developed on the back of extensive market research, and the buyer’s guide has more information on the strategic approach undertaken for those that wish to know more.

Contract management has been built into the specifications for each Lot, with the intention of members having a pre-agreed set of KPI data with minimum performance levels and at consortia level members’ (anonymised data) is used to ensure all suppliers on the framework are performing.

A launch event for this framework with an opportunity to meet the framework suppliers is being arranged for the new year, with CPD knowledge sessions on industry updates and Q&A sessions for those that wish to learn more on the latest debt recovery strategies.

Please let your relevant colleague in Finance know about this new framework and the launch event.