National Minimum Wage webinar – the apprentice rate and associated risks

HMRC is offering live webinars covering the most common mistakes to help employers pay their apprentices correctly.  If you employ apprentices on National Minimum Wage rates, or even slightly above, these webinars may be useful to you and will cover the following:

  • What defines an apprentice under minimum wage rules and how to ensure employers are getting things right.
  • A number of the minimum wage risks affecting apprentices as well as the common errors made by employers.
  • National Minimum Wage enforcement action, what happens when things go wrong and how employers can put it right.

There are three dates and times to choose from:

  • Tues 27 Jul 11.00-12.00
  • Tues 27 Jul 14.00-15.00
  • Thurs 29 Jul 11.00-12.00

You can register here for the webinars.