Marisol’s top tips to help members with their responsible procurement activity

Marisol Bernal, LUPC’s in-house Responsible Procurement expert, has undertaken 12 week work placements with three of our members:  London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), the Natural History Museum and currently the Royal College of Physicians, helping each with responsible procurement related projects.  She shares her top tips for you here:

  • Make the most of any benefits you have from your membership of organisations like Electronics Watch and HEPA.  Both have so many tools and resources which you can use to help you procure responsibly.
  • It’s not enough to just embed sustainability in your own organisation.  You need to educate others in your supply chain, get them committed to responsible practices, share good practice.  Keep spreading the message to those in your supply chain who may not have access to the Sustainability resources that you do.
  • Regularly review your procedures and policies to include the relevant ethical, social, and environmental aspects into every step of the procurement process.
  • Provide procurement staff with training on sustainable procurement and modern slavery. LUPC has free modern slavery training and HEPA has free training on sustainable procurement for those who have membership.
  • Assess your organisation against the ISO 20400 standards for Sustainable Procurement. ISO20400 is the first international standard to provide guidance on delivering sustainability objectives through its supply chain. You can start this process by self-assessing your organisation’s progress towards alignment with ISO 20400 and you can also benchmark your scores against your peers. To take the assessment click here.
  • Engage with your regional consortium and attend their events. They have dedicated resources and events on responsible procurement. All consortia collaborate to align processes, share best practice and develop resources for members.