LUPC today

In the run up to launch our new Strategy, we gave you a brief history of LUPC yesterday.  Today, LUPC has 89 full members with its membership made up of universities and colleges of higher and further education, as well as other not-for-profit organisations in the education, arts, science, charity, and wider public sectors. As experts in procurement, our purpose is to achieve value for money for our members in their procurement of goods and services, in a way that benefits our members, society and the economy, whilst minimising damage to the environment. 

Members have access to more than 100 goods and services framework agreements awarded to over 700 suppliers which provide value for money and enable members to deliver efficiencies for their organisation. Members collectively saved £19m after spending over £234m, using our framework agreements in 2019/20.

LUPC works collaboratively with seven other UK consortia under the banner of UK Universities Purchasing Consortia (UKUPC), supporting collaborative procurement within Higher and Further Education and beyond.  A strong network of procurement professionals across the sector is now well-established across both LUPC and UKUPC, with members able to access a wealth of resources and guidance.

There are lots of other benefits, in addition to access to framework agreements, which members can take advantage of.  To discuss how you can make the most of your membership, please contact Suzanne Picken on   

Thank you to all our existing members for being part of the LUPC community.