LUPC - How it all began

We are excited to be launching our new Strategy for 2021-2024 this Wednesday. In the run-up, we would like to take you down memory lane, to when LUPC was first established. 

LUPC was set up in 1968, initially as the University of London (UoL) Bulk Purchasing and Ordering Group. It was only open to UoL constituent colleges and wasn’t an awful lot more than a few finance directors comparing the prices they were getting for mops and buckets and the like. We, and procurement, have come a long way since then!

Sometime later, the group became HELP (HE London Purchasing). When former polytechnics that had become universities in 1992 were admitted, we came to be known as the name that is now familiar, London Universities Purchasing Consortium (LUPC).

Membership of the group grew over the years as many other organisations saw the benefit of wider collaboration for their procurement needs. This not only included universities but also organisations from the wider not-for-profit areas such as museums and galleries within the London area.

In 2003, LUPC was divested from the University of London and established as a company limited by guarantee. We now have 89 full members and over 40 associate members which include further education colleges.