LUPC awarded the CIPS Corporate Ethics Mark

LUPC has been awarded the Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply (CIPS) Corporate Ethics Mark.

The accreditation demonstrates our on-going commitment to responsible procurement practices. To gain the accreditation, LUPC has taken proactive steps in the last 12 months to safeguard against unethical conduct in procurement and supply management, reinforcing our focus on sourcing responsibly.

The Ethical Procurement and Supply accreditation focuses on issues including corruption, fraud, bribery, exploitation, and human rights abuses in supply chains. LUPC has spent time and resource training and developing our Procurement Managers to a high ethical standard, as well as adopting the principles outlined in the CIPS Code of Ethics within our organisation.

The accreditation demonstrates that LUPC has adopted and embedded ethical values in the way in which we source and manage suppliers.

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Corporate Ethics Kite Mark