LUPC is pleased to announce that Don Bowman has been appointed the new LUPC Director with effect from 1 December 2018. Don joined LUPC in January 2016 as Assistant Director, Procurement and has been acting Director for the last seven months since the departure of Andy Davies, the former LUPC Director.


LUPC Chairman Andrew Young, Chief Operating Officer at LSE said: “Don has been excellent in his role of Acting Director over the last few months, meeting the challenges of the further collaboration project with SUPC at the same time as the creation and implementation of the new LUPC Corporate Strategy, Adding Value Through Responsible Procurement. On behalf of the LUPC Board, I wish Don every success in his new role”.


Don added: “I am delighted to have been appointed as Director at LUPC, this is a period of significant change, both within the sector and at LUPC itself and I am looking forward to meeting these challenges. We have a busy few years ahead, with the implementation of the Future Collaboration Project with SUPC, the development of a strategic plan to support delivery of our new corporate strategy and the planning for the COUP 2021 conference, which will be hosted by LUPC in September 2021. I have a difficult act to follow, but am grateful for the support and guidance given by my predecessor, Andy Davies.”