Launch Event Agendas - Waste Management and Occupational Health

LUPC is holding two free framework launch events for Waste Management Services and Occupational Health and Wellbeing Services for Students and Staff on the 2nd July 2019 09.00-13.15 at Student Central, Malet Street, London W1T 7NZ.

Both launch events are open to Members of LUPC, SUPC, NEWPC, NEUPC, APUC and HEPCW. The Occupational Health framework is also open to APUC Members.

The launch events will be running concurrently, and you can choose to attend one or both of them. We have staggered the agenda to provide as much flexibility as possible for members wishing to attend both events with the overview of the frameworks sessions repeated at the end of the morning. Members can choose to attend either the Waste or the Occupational Health event, or attend a mixture of the sessions across both frameworks.

The full agendas are below

Occupational Health Launch Event Agenda

Waste Management Services Launch Event Agenda

To book your free place, please see