Key PPE information for members

Crescent Purchasing Consortium (CPC) are providing key information for members using the Personal Protective Equipment, Clothing and Uniform Framework Agreement. This includes reporting on pricing information for the personal protective equipment (PPE) items that are in high demand, details on the VAT exemption, and special offers.

Pricing Information

The following has been provided by framework suppliers:

3 PLY Masks -  Prices are continuing to fall and are expected to bottom out in September.

Disposable gloves - Prices continue to rise and availability is worsening. This is not expected to improve until 2021.

FFP2 masks - Prices are falling but only marginally and are expected to stay as they are now until the end of 2020.

Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser - Prices are stable and suppliers have good availability of stock for small quantities.

Hand soap and sanitiser in sealed cartridge -  These are in very short supply and for the next two to three months organisations should consider changing to bulk fill.

Face Visors and Goggles - Prices have fallen slightly but are expected to stay as they are now until the end of this year.

Disposable coveralls - None of the lower cost SMS garments are being manufactured because the material is being used for masks. The alternative, higher priced products are not falling in price. Expect price reductions towards the end of 2020.


VAT Exemption

The VAT exemption for high demand PPE items, which was due to expire on the 31st of July, has now been extended to the 31st of October.


Special Offer

Framework supplier, Arden Winch, are looking to clear stock of TYPE IIR (3Ply) Masks and are selling them at £0.39 per mask or £19.50 per box of 50. The Surgical Mask Data Sheet

provides key information, however, please contact at Arden Winch if you require more details.