Conference Highlights: Procurement Transformation

Today, we continue sharing the highlights from the LUPC & SUPC Conference on 20 May. 

In the second of our live webinars, we heard from the University of Cambridge and Aberystwyth University on the procurement activity underway to enhance the impact of procurement on their institutions and stakeholders.

Key takeaways from this session included:

  • Secure key & influential sponsors from the start​
  • Stakeholder engagement is essential​
  • Have a good team behind you​
  • Identify common ground with change programmes in other functions ​

- use organisational levers​

  • Focus on procurement being a service provider​
  • You can never overcommunicate​

- Simple consistent messaging & language everyone understands is vital​

  • Be prepared to change direction​


There were a number of questions raised throughout the presentation by our audience. You can see these and read the responses from our speakers, Helen Wain (Group Head of Procurement at the University of Cambridge) and Mike Smith (Procurement Manager, Aberystwyth University) in this Q&A document.


You can also download the presentation slides here.


Missed the webinar or want to watch it again? For those of you who registered for the conference, you can access it via the agenda page of the Whova Conference Platform until 19 November 2021. LUPC and SUPC members who did not register can contact Suzanne Picken for the link to the webinar.