Conference Highlights: Measuring social value

In this session at the LUPC & SUPC Conference in May, we heard from Nathan Goode from The Social Value Portal and Bahar Shahin from Queen Mary University of London. We learnt about the sector national working party focussing on a set of defined Themes, Outcomes and Measures (TOMS) which can be used by members to evaluate and measure social value in their procurement activity.

Those of us working in public procurement are continually seeking different ways of including social value aspects in our tenders but it can be challenging to balance opportunities with the regulations.

The key messages from the webinar were:

  • The Social Value Portal measures and reports social value in terms of environmental, social and economic contributions
  • The National Social Value Taskforce has developed a national measurement solution called the National TOMS (Themes, Outcomes and Measures) which can be used for the HE sector.  The measures come under three different headings: Jobs and skills development; Responsible Growth and Environment.
  • Public Procurement Note (PPN) 06/20 sets out how to take account of social value in the award of central government contracts by using the Social Value Model
  • For Queen Mary University of London, the Social Value Model provides the following:
  • A standardised way of embedding Social Value across the sector
  • A method of capturing social value in a quantifiable way
  • A clear way of calculating social value through tender evaluation and contract management
  • An effective way to use the measures to demonstrate social value added within your institution through procurement as a tangible measure in GBP which actually makes a difference
  • A forum to share experience and learning to network and see what works well and what needs improving.

If you would like to catch up on this session, you can access the presentation slides here or the recording of the webinar via your Whova Login