Brexit - How we will support you

With a no-deal Brexit scenario looking more likely, this will have a number of implications and ramifications some of which will need to be considered seriously by our members as procurement professionals representing and leading their function.


Around a year ago, when no deal began to be considered as a possibility, the consortia worked collaboratively to evaluate the risks associated with using the range of framework contracts available to our members. We provided members with the outcome of our communications with suppliers and confirmed their responses to our perceived risks including how they might mitigate those.


To ensure we are able to continue to help our members plan and prepare appropriately, we will now be revisiting this exercise to update the spreadsheet with new information and advice from our suppliers. This update will be shared with our members on 12th September.


Whilst we can and will continue to support our members in using our framework contracts, we recognise the range of products and services purchased by our members is hugely varied. Issued previously was some general guidance to support their work, we repeat this below:


Members should develop a clear picture of their supply chain for all their existing contracts and seek to understand which present a higher or lower risk by asking appropriate questions around key topics; Consider currency, staffing, supplies shortages, increased risk of modern slavery, waste impacts, products subject to higher levels of border control, border delay impacts, and how agile your suppliers are in a fluctuating market.


The above information and the spreadsheet has been emailed to our members’ main purchasing contact. Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact Emma Keenan