All Full Members of LUPC affiliated to Electronics Watch

LUPC has affiliated all full Consortium Members to Electronics Watch, the independent monitoring organisation that aims to improve workers' conditions in global electronics supply chains. The investment, agreed by LUPC's Board last month in response to LUPC and our members' increasing focus on responsible procurement, will support work to mitigate human rights abuses in supply chains both inside and outside of consortia frameworks.


Electronics Watch is an independent monitoring organisation that helps public sector buyers work together to protect labour rights and improve working conditions for workers in their global electronics supply chains, more effectively and less expensively than any single public sector buyer could accomplish on its own.


LUPC is only the second UK consortium to affiliate all its Members to Electronics Watch, and fourth in Europe.


LUPC leads the £450m national electronics framework agreement for Desktop & Notebook PCs, which includes model Electronics Watch contract clauses. LUPC’s full Members will now be able to access the same clauses, resources and information to work with their own suppliers to improve conditions for electronics workers globally, both by using LUPC frameworks and in their own contracts.


Dr Andrew Young, Chair of LUPC and Chief Operating Officer at the London School of Economics and Political Science said:


"We are delighted to confirm that all of LUPC's full Members, both within and outside of higher education, are now affiliated to Electronics Watch with immediate effect, thus demonstrating our collective commitment to responsible procurement. Electronics Watch has already delivered vital support to LUPC in monitoring global electronics supply chains for human rights abuses and in responding to incidences when they have come to light. Now that support is available to all of our full Members, London has again reaffirmed its strong values as a leading world city."


Dr Björn Claeson, Director of Electronics Watch said:


“LUPC is a founding member of Electronics Watch and has long been a leading proponent for social responsibility in public procurement. LUPC’s engagement with electronics contractors has helped increase supply chain transparency and improve conditions for electronics workers that make goods supplied under large ICT hardware framework agreements led by LUPC. By affiliating to Electronic Watch on behalf of all its full Member institutions, LUPC will become a yet stronger force for social responsibility in electronics supply chains to the benefit of workers globally.”


LUPC became a founding member of Electronics Watch in 2014 and has long been a leading proponent for social responsibility in public procurement. Three of its members - Kingston University, London South Bank University and University of Westminster - were also founding members of Electronics Watch.


Full Members will shortly receive details on how to access the Affiliates section of Electronics Watch's website. Electronics Watch are also offering two webinars (see below) to introduce Members to Electronics Watch, its staff, and to explain how Electronic Watch functions, including methods of data disclosure and what resources and tools Affiliates can access.


Please register to participate in the Introduction to Electronics Watch webinars: