ISO 20400:2017


LUPC has been awarded 4.33 out of 5 with respect to its approach to sustainable procurement against the international standard ISO 20400:2017. LUPC underwent a re-evaluation in December 2018 after the feedback received during the first assessment in summer 2017, exceeding the target of 4.2 and surpassing their original score of 3.72.

ISO 20400:2017 is the international standard for sustainable procurement and determines the framework and approach to the procurement of goods and services that contribute to sustainable development, taking into account impacts to the environment, society, ethics and economics.

The external assessment was carried out by Action Sustainability who led the UK delegation on developing the new ISO 20400 international standard. Action Sustainability has acknowledged that LUPC, in 2017, was the first organisation globally in the education sector to be assessed against the new standard. They also commented that this new score is the highest score they have seen in either the public or private sector.

James Cadman, Lead Consultant at Action Sustainability said: “LUPC has clearly and unambiguously adopted responsible procurement as its methodology for procuring the goods and services its Members may require. LUPC’s culture and approach, not least in relation to social issues and matters around modern slavery and the like, are forward thinking, fully embrace best practice and set a good example for many organisations.”

Following the feedback received from the first assessment in 2017, LUPC has a new three-year corporate strategy that continues endorsing social value and ensuring Members acquire best value from the framework agreements.

LUPC’s leading role in promoting responsible procurement in the public sector is highlighted in the report, and the assessors conclude that LUPC’s aims and objectives set high standards that can be an example to others when approaching modern slavery and human trafficking.

Simple, free assessment for ISO 20400 sustainable procurement

Action Sustainability has developed a free online tool to assess your organisation’s responsible procurement activity against ISO 20400. You just need to create an account with some simple information to enable the benchmarking of your scores anonymously and you can re-assess as many times as you wish. All you need to do is go to, click “Take a SelfAssessment” and off you go.