Electronics Watch


All full members of LUPC are automatically affiliated to Electronics Watch, the independent monitoring organisation that aims to help public sector organisations work together to meet their responsibility to protect the labour rights and safety of workers in global electronics supply chains more effectively than any single public buyer could accomplish on its own. Full members benefit from Electronics Watch affiliation, including access to guidance, resources and contract clauses that support responsible procurement, all at no additional cost to members.

Each full LUPC member has a named contact person for Electronics Watch (EW) and has been sent a username and password to log in to and access the affiliates’ site. Should you require a reminder of your log-in credentials, please contact Martina Hooper, the EW Director of Communications & Administration; mhooper@electronicswatch.org.

Affiliates can access the following tools and events:

Workers' Grievances in Electronics Manufacturing in China: A Study of Dell’s and HP’s Supply Chains, London Universitites Purchasing Consortium contributed to this study along with the Stockholm County Council, Advanced Procurement for Universities & Colleges, and Hanzehogeschool. The study seeks to understand electronics workers' grievances in China through the lens of their social media posts, collected with the Social@risk™ tool.

The quantitative sample consists of 1.3 million posts from January 2014 to April 2018. The qualitative analysis sample includes 600,000 posts from January 2016 to April 2018. All posts are related to 38 final assembly and original design manufacturers (ODM) suppliers to Dell and HP. The study highlights workers' grievances related to forced labour, student labour, excessive working hours, and health and safety among other areas. The report identifies priority issues for workers that need particular attention or new approaches.

Public Buyer Toolkit, which supports communication and promotes contract performance compliance within affiliates’ supply chains. It contains standardized and easy-to-use tools like the Letter to Suppliers, Factory Disclosure Form, Guidelines for Disclosure of Factories, and the Electronics Watch Contract Conditions.

Affiliate Action Guide, summarised Electronics Watch compliance findings and recommended affiliate actions for 15 factory cases. Electronics Watch engaged 11 brands on those cases. 

Company Performance Tracker (CPT), developed in 2018 and launched in 2019, the CPT scores contractors’ and brands’ supply chain transparency and efforts to remediate labour rights violations in specific factories based on their interaction with affiliates and Electronics Watch. While the methodology will be publicly available and regularly reviewed and updated, the CPT scores will only be available to affiliates.