Our Agreements

Commodity Groups

All of LUPC’s agreements are developed, tendered and managed with input from our Members – we really couldn’t do our work without them.

LUPC’s Commodity Groups bring together Members from procurement and technical professions with a special interest or expertise in a particular category of goods or services.

LUPC Commodity Groups identify Member need, compile specifications and submit sourcing strategies to our Executive Committee for approval.  Often this will involve drafting tender documentation and evaluating tender submissions from suppliers.  Usually chaired by a Member representative, each Group is supported by one of LUPC’s Senior Contracts Managers.

Commodity Groups are also key to managing relationships with suppliers on behalf of the Consortium, and reviewing supplier performance throughout the life of an agreement. To find out more about joining a Commodity Group, contact enquiries@lupc.ac.uk

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National Groups

Some categories are managed nationally or inter-regionally in collaboration with other purchasing consortia.  These may be supported by National Working Parties or Commodity Groups in our partner consortia.

National Groups




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